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Dairy Products

Dairy Products

CHR-HANSEN Culture & Enzyme

Dairy cultures are the micro-organisms that help keep food safe & impart unique flavours & textures.Chr-Hansen, a Denmark based company, produces natural ingredients for food, beverage, dietary supplements & agricultural industries.

Chr-Hansen, also produces food enzymes used in cheese making industry which imparts- texture, colour & flavour to cheese. These enzymes also help in coagulating milk, ripening and in fermentation of cheese during process. Shree Additives has got exclusive distribution rights to supply Chr-Hansen culture &enzymes used in fermented food for North & West India.

Buttermilk / Raita Masala

Shree Additives offers spice-blends specially used in buttermilk as well as raita. These masalas not only enhances the tastes of food, but also makes food more healthy and nutritious. We manufacture these products under hygienic conditions in a controlled atmosphere.

Product range for buttermilk masala: Pudina, Jeera, Cucumber. Available in powder form as well as liquid blend.

Product range for raitamasla: Jeera, Pudina, Salsa, Sour cream & onion. Available in powdered form.


Flavours are ingredients that add taste and smell to any food. These are available in liquid, dry mix as well as encapsulated forms. Our flavours are used in dairy products such as yogurt, lassi, flavoured milk, fruit based drinks, whey drinks etc..

Product range includes: Banana, Butter Scotch, Cardamom, Caramel, Chocolate, Coffee, Creamy vanilla, KesarElaichi, Kesar Milk concentrate, kesar milk masala, Mango Bangapally, Rose, Strawberry, Thandai, and many more.

Fruit Preparation

Fruit Preparations are made from fruit (normally 40% or more), texture improver and sugar. We, at Shree Additives offer Fruit preparations for yoghurts, yoghurt drinks, ice-creams and pie fillings.Fruit preparations are special products tailored to customer requirements that are dependent on close research and a high degree of development-based cooperation with customers. Special preparations of high quality fruit, either as a liquid or in pieces, add value to the products of the global food industry.

Product range includes: Strawberry, Mango, Green Apple, Orange, Litchi and many more.

*We also provide flavoured milk improver.

Paneer Masala

Paneer, also known as cottage cheese, is a common food in South Asian countries like India, Nepal etc. It is widely used in dishes in the form of subzi, paneer and snacks. Shree Additives, provides Paneer masala, which imparts characteristic flavor, and aroma to paneer.

Product range: Pudina green chilli and many more.

Natural Colours

Shree Additives is manufacturing natural food colours that serve the needs of a variety of Food & Beverage Industries.

Product range: Caramel, Annato, Turmeric, Copper Chlorophyll, Red beetroot Powder, Paprika.


Probiotics are live bacteria & yeasts, which are good for health. Chr-Hansen is a leading global supplier of scientifically documented probiotic strains for infant formula, dietary supplement and health-care companies around the world.Shree Additives has got exclusive distribution rights to supply Chr- Hansen enzyme used in cheese, for North and West India.


We also provide preservatives, thickening agents and other ingredients for foods- a one stop solution for all dairy industry needs.